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In the rotation diet, foods from any particular family of suspect foods (identified by the questionnaire) are eaten only once in 5 days or so. This system is effective, especially if a detailed ‘food and symptom’ diary is kept, in which all deviations from your normal state of health are noted down, as are all foods eaten.

  • Symptoms such as feelings of unusual fatigue, or irritability, or difficulty in concentrating, or muscular pains or actual breathing difficulties should be listed and given a daily score out of (say) 10, where 0 = no problems and 10 = the worst it has ever been.
  • Make sure each symptom is scored each day to see how it varies, and to link this to when suspect foods are eaten (sometimes reaction to foods takes up to 12 hours to be noticed).
  • If such a score sheet is kept and note is made of suspect foods, a link may be uncovered.
  • By comparing the two lists (suspect foods and symptoms) it is often possible to note a pattern connecting particular foods and symptoms, at which time the exclusion diet can be started.