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To try a modified oligoantigenic exclusion diet,evaluate the effect of following a pattern of eating in which the foods as listed below are excluded for 3 weeks.

Allowed: white fish, oily fish
Forbidden: all smoked fish

None are forbidden but people with bowel problems are asked to avoid beans, lentils, Brussels sprouts and cabbage

Allowed: bananas, passion fruit, peeled pears, pomegranates, paw-paw, mango
Forbidden: all fruits except the six allowed ones

Allowed: rice, sago, millet, buckwheat, quinoa
Forbidden: wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn

Allowed: sunflower, safflower, linseed, olive
Forbidden: corn, soya, ‘vegetable’, nut (especially

Allowed: none
Forbidden: cow’s milk and all its products including yogurt, butter, most  margarine, all goat, sheep and soya milk products, eggs

Allowed: herbal teas such as camomile and peppermint
Forbidden: tea, coffee, fruit squashes, citrus drinks, apple juice, alcohol, tapwater, carbonated drinks

Allowed: sea salt
Forbidden: all yeast products, chocolate, preservatives, all food additives, herbs, spices, honey, sugar of any sort


  • If benefits are felt after this exclusion, a gradual introduction of one food at a time, leaving at least 4 days between each reintroduction, will allow you to identify those foods that should be left out altogether – if symptoms reappear when they are reintroduced.
  • If a reaction occurs (symptoms return having eased or vanished during the 3-week exclusion trial), the offending food is eliminated for at least 6 months and a 5-day period of no further experimentation follows (to clear the body of all traces of the offending food), after which testing (challenge) can start again, one food at a time, involving anything you have previously been eating which was eliminated by the oligoantigenic diet.

CAUTION: When a food to which there is a strong allergic reaction occurs, especially one which has been consumed regularly in the past, is stopped, the
individual may experience ‘withdrawal’ symptoms for a week or so, including flu-like symptoms and marked mood swings, anxiety, restlessness, etc. This will usually pass after a few days, and can be interpreted as a strong indication that whatever has been eliminated from the diet is responsible for a ‘masked’ allergy, which may be producing many of your symptoms.