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DWP, Working & Benefits

The Government recognizes fibromyalgia and other chronic fatigue syndromes as real and potentially disabling conditions. The Department for Work and Pensions perspective is in relation to state sickness and disability benefits.

In terms of state benefits, the Government remains committed to enabling people to remain in or return to work where possible; and the ESA aim to provide additional help and support for people of working age with disabling conditions. Being in work can help to reduce social exclusion and social isolation, and to increase a person’s sense of achievement and self-esteem; and all of these can contribute towards development of positive coping strategies. But the Government recognizes that not every person with a disability will be able to work, so the safeguard of state sickness and incapacity benefits continues to exist. And disability benefits also continue to exist, for those who have significant problems with self-care or restricted mobility.