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Action for based in Greenock.

The organisation is a charity, registered with  the Charity Commission and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Legal responsibility for the organisation lies with our trustees.

Please note that Supporting, Lifelong and Professional Members of Action for F.M.S.are not members of Fibromyalgia Trust as a charity law matter. As a consequence, Supporting,Lifelong and Professional Members do not have voting powers or legal responsibility as charity members of Fibromyalgia Trust.


We are governed by a Board of Trustees who give strategic direction, oversee the proper management of risk and account for implementing the charity’s strategy and for achieving agreed business objectives.


Trustees are volunteers. As a general rule, the majority of our trustees have had F.M.S. themselves. Most of the remainder have experienced it as carers.

However, whether trustees, staff or other volunteers choose to disclose their F.M.S. is a personal matter. It is our policy not to disclose it for them.

We appoint trustees through a recruitment process which starts by identifying diversity requirements and skills gaps to be filled on our Board. We then advertise the posts. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by a panel of trustees who provisionally select those whom they consider to best meet the requirements.

The names of those provisionally selected are then put to supporting members members who are invited to vote for or against each provisionally selected candidate or to indicate if they have no strong view. The trustees formally enact the voting onto the Board but have undertaken to vote only for those candidates who have more ‘yes votes’ than ‘no votes’.


The Fibromylagia Trust is proud to be a member of the Fundraising  Standards Board, and as such we are committed to the principles of honesty, accountability and transparency with regard to fundraising. Read our transparency and accountability policy.