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What we believe about FMS.

FMS. is a serious and debilitating physical illness of uncertain duration.

Some people with FMS recover fully and most improve significantly over time. A minority remain very ill.

There is currently no cure but a number of conventional medical approaches andcomplementary therapies are available to help manage the symptoms.

We provide information so that people with FMS can make an informed judgement on the likely effectiveness of different approaches and any risks involved.

At Fibromyalgia Trust, we are unequivocally of the view that FMS has a physical cause. We support the World Health Organisation definition of FMS as neurological.


Fibromyalgia Trust supports the principle that people with FMS should have available to them an NHS service which can meet their needs.

NHS services vary enormously across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Together with the publication of NHS guidelines, the establishment of specialist clinics has helped to legitimise the illness.

However, we are concerned by the emphasis on cognitive behavioural therapy and graded exercise, as the results claimed do not reflect the findings of our surveys.

The current guidelines reflect the limited amount of research into the biology of the illness – and the lack of studies involving children who have FMS and people of all ages who are severely affected.

In the absence of hard science, the knowledge and experience of people with FMS is a particularly valuable resource. More account should be taken of patient reported outcomes.