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Your role in research

People with Fibromyalgia often ask us, “How can I take part in biomedical research?”.

Unfortunately, in the UK, if you have Fibro it is harder than you might expect.

In some other illnesses, opportunities to become involved in research are more common. Someone who has cancer, for example, may have their medical care managed by a cancer specialist or oncologist who is based in a teaching hospital. As part of their care package they may be offered the opportunity to take part in a trial to assess the effectiveness of a new treatment.

It is less common to be offered the chance to take part in a clinical trial forFibro which has proper ethical approval.

Usually only an NHS specialist will be able to offer you the opportunity to take part in research on Fibromyalgia, and most trials take place in specialist centres.

If you hear about research or a news story which claims a miraculous cure, ask yourself some critical questions.

So what can I do?

Meanwhile, if you have an NHS specialist, ask them if they know of any forthcoming clinical trials in which you could participate.

Fibromyalgia Trust also runs regular consultation surveys in which you could participate. Register for our e-newsletter, Keep Me Updated, or bookmark our news streams and current campaigns.